Oil and Gas Land Review, CPL/RPL Exam – OKC, OK

Oil and Gas Land Review, CPL/RPL Exam - OKC, OK

The Oil and Gas Land Review is a fast-paced, intensive study of the topics covered by the CPL and RPL certification exams. Day one of the review covers both CPL and RPL review material and days two and three cover CPL material only. The CPL exam will be offered on Friday, August 14th, following the three-day review. The RPL exam will be offered on Wednesday, August 12th following the one-day review, as well as on Friday, August 14th.


– 3 Day review – $570 


-3 Day Review w/ out Exam- $470

-3 Day Review w/ CPL Exam on August 14th- $470

-1 Day RPL Review w/ Exam on August 12th or 14th -$300

-CPL Exam Only (August 14th) – $125 

-RPL Exam Only (August 14th) – $100 

**Only Active members can take the RPL or CPL Exam

**Within 2 weeks of the class a $50 late registration fee applies.


Chesapeake Energy Corporation
6100 N. Western Ave

ACCREDITATION: This class is accredited by AAPL for 18 CPL/RPL/RL credits, including one ethics.

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