P&P Land Services Cloud – Online Documents & Files

P&P Land Services Cloud - Online Documents & Files

Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services takes great pride in using progressive technology for the benefits of our customers. Since the inception of our company we have excelled at managing physical files for our clients. Seven years ago we dove into digital file management, bringing with us several customers ready to move their business into a world full of scanned documents, and in 2010 we launched a web based viewer for navigating and downloading PDF files. Over the last few years we have received great feedback from many users on how the system has helped them and ways it could further improve their workflows with some additional functionality.

Today we launch the brand-new P&P Land Services Cloud, starting with a reengineered Documents & Files Management platform that not only allows users to view their documents in a web browser and download files to their computers, but also includes searching capabilities, is mobile compatible, and has a private section for each customer to store and share files not managed by P&P with their team members.

As our clients and clientele grow, and as technology progresses, new systems are needed to best serve your interests. The P&P Cloud is a secure, scalable, high-availability solution designed to be easy-to-use and complimentary to existing workflows.

If the time has come for your organization to employ the next generation in document management, our document inventory solution can help. Your organization will realize benefits from document imaging including:

  • Reduced file storage costs
  • Instant and integrated document retrieval
  • Improved document search and navigation
  • Enable paperless collaboration and information sharing across departments and locations
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved legal compliance and disaster recovery
  • Online hosting and data retrieval
  • Give access to anyone over the internet with limited access or unlimited access
  • HTTPS online means your Documents are secure
  • Allow access to files for your partners without having the cost of reproducing the documents and buying paper files
  • Be “SALE READY” with all of your documents online for a due diligence team to view without having to host the team in your offices
  • Access your leases, payments, maps and more from the field on a mobile device


Our newly redesigned online system is at the forefront of document management technology while feeling familiar to users by implementing usability similar to Microsoft Windows and Dropbox. This allows us to efficiently scan, combine, and organize files and allows you to view, print, and download files in an easy-to-use environment. Options are even available to sync files managed by P&P to your own server if you’d like or even implement a non-P&P managed share, giving everyone in your office secure 24/7 access from desktops and mobile devices to any documents or folders you’d like.

PandP LogoPettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services is an Oil & Gas Land Administration Outsourcing company that does everything an energy company needs relating to land including lease setup, Division Order generation, well-file maintenance, JIB accounting, GIS mapping, online document management, and more!
Website:  www.PandPLandService.com
Phone:  281-465-0276
Address:  2441 High Timbers, Suite 300, The Woodlands, TX 77380

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