Corey A. Schoolcraft

Corey A. Schoolcraft

Corey A. Schoolcraft, d/b/a Strategy Acquisition, LLC (AAPL, American Association of Professional Landmen, Member # 98357), MOGA, (KREC, Kentucky Real Estate Commission, Sales Associate Lic. Escrow License #: 56274) (T RRC, Texas Real Estate Commission, Easement or Right-of-Way Agent Certificate of Registration #: 31962)(Texas Notary Public)

Corey has 24 years’ experience in professional land services and consulting. His main contributions to an energy independent nation include professional services for oil and gas exploration, production and transportation energy projects. He has established experience in contract negotiations in lease acquisition for oil and gas, pipeline and fiber optic right(s)-of-way and cell towers. He also has experience in preconstruction damage settlement, route scoping and preliminary staking including access roads and permitting. He has proven experience in title/abstracts as well as curative matters, mortgage subordinations, ratifications, and affidavits. In addition he has managed acquisition field crews, title crews, mapping and reporting to clients. He is seeking a position utilizing his extensive knowledge and successful experience in planning, organizing and following up multifaceted, complex activities.

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