James E Fabre

James E Fabre

With more than eight years of experience as an Oil and Gas Division Order / Land Analyst, I know I will bring substantial value to your organization and would like to be considered for a Land Administration position within your company.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Professional Land and Resource Management.  Since then, I have acquired over eight years of various experience as a Division Order Analyst at Sheridan Production Company, a Land Analyst at Vanguard Resources, a Division Order Analyst at Anadarko Petroleum, a Land Contractor working for Tri-Energy Asset Management (at Anadarko Petroleum), and as a Division Order Analyst at Marathon Oil.  In that time I have gain the knowledge on how to utilize Tobin Land Suite, SAP/PRA, the Excalibur Land System, EU Land and Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

I am a highly motivated, hard-working Marine Corps vet and would like the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to your Land Administration department.

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James E Fabre 
Cell: 314-825-5403

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