Marketable Title- Oklahoma City, OK

Marketable Title- Oklahoma City, OK
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
6100 N Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73118-1044
June 7, 2016
8:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Marketable title is the standard that attorneys apply when examining title to real property. We will define and discuss this concept.

Runsheet Preparation: This section reviews the purpose of a runsheet (or abstract), and provides a step-by-step guide to its preparation. We discuss the scope of the examination, the format of the runsheet, the documents to be reviewed and included, and the other items necessary to complete the package.

Title Examination Standards: Many states have established standards by which attorneys examine title. In this section we will review which states have such standards, and discuss some of the more common guidelines.

Title Curative: This section introduces the participant to the types of title opinions typically encountered by the landman, and his role in obtaining necessary title curative documents. We discuss lease amendments and extensions, affidavits, ratifications, releases, subordinations, quitclaim deeds, stipulations of interest, probate proceedings, powers of attorney, tax certificates and more.

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