Surface Use and Access – Dallas, TX (webinar available)

Surface Use and Access - Dallas, TX (webinar available)

Location:Dallas Marriott Suites
2493 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75207-2601
Date:July 7, 2016
Time:8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Credits: 5.00 CEU 1.00 CEU Ethics
George R. Shultz, CPL

Pre-registration: $250 for members, $375 for non-members; after 6/23 the price goes up $50.
Webinar: $200 for members, $325 for non-members; after 6/23 the price goes up $50.
Accreditation: 5 RL/RPL/CPL credits and 1 Ethics credit

AAPL’s newest course offering is designed to familiarize Land professionals with surface rights and the myriad issues associated with acquiring, exercising and preserving those rights. It focuses on why, when and what rights may be needed, and how to research and protect existing rights. It discusses a variety of surface-related contracts and their use. It includes commentary on easement valuation, damage claim investigation and resolution, and the challenges of governmental permitting.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion, participants should:

· Improve their overall understanding of surface rights and surface access issues

· Know how and why surface rights are needed, how to research existing rights and when additional rights may be required

· Gain familiarity with various types of surface use agreements and their application

· Improve their understanding of the surface damage and claim resolution process

· Develop an appreciation for the importance and complexities of jurisdictional permitting

· Understand the criticality of building constructive, collaborative relationships with public officials

Course Content This course primarily addresses surface issues faced by Upstream explorers and producers, (i.e. those without rights of eminent domain) and focuses on surface use and access on private lands vs. Federal or Indian lands. Course content does not cover surface issues associated with Mid- and Downstream companies, (i.e. PUC-regulated, common carriers with rights of eminent domain).

· Understanding Ownership and Real Property Rights

· Damage Calculation and Valuation Methodology

· When Are Surface Rights Needed?

· Interfacing with Public Officials

· Sources of Property Rights

· Easement Valuation

· The Ethics of Dealing with Regulators and the Public

· Surface Damages and Claim Settlement

· Key Surface-Related Contracts and Agreements

· BONUS: How to Deal with Really Difficult Landowners



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