Oil and Gas Land Review, CPL/RPL Exam – Houston, TX – September 13-16, 2016

Oil and Gas Land Review, CPL/RPL Exam - Houston, TX - September 13-16, 2016

The Oil and Gas Land Review is a fast-paced, intensive study of the topics covered by the CPL and RPL certification exams. Recognized throughout the industry as indicators of competency, proficiency and professionalism, AAPL offers these certifications that are proven to enhance a member’s credibility in the industry and to increase earning potential for the landmen.

$159 a night if you book by 8/12/16- please call 1-877-782-9444


– 3 Day review – $570 


-3 Day Review w/ out Exam- $470

-3 Day Review w/ CPL Exam on Sept. 16 – $470

-1 Day RPL Review w/ Exam on Sept. 14 or 16 – $300

-CPL Exam Only (Sept. 16) – $125 

-RPL Exam Only (Sept. 16) – $100 

**Only Active members can take the RPL or CPL Exam

Tuesday, Sept. 13th (RPL and CPL Review)

7:30am Registration/ Continental Breakfast

8:00am Welcoming Remarks & Course Overview

8:20am Real Property Law, Land Descriptions, Contract Law- Frank Klam, CPL

12:00pm Lunch (On your own)

1:00pm Conveyancing, Interest Calculations, Oil & Gas Lease

4:15pm AAPL and Ethics

4:45pm RPL Exam Instructions (Exam takers only) AAPL

5:00pm Adjourn

Wednesday, Sept. 14th (CPL Review only)

7:30am Continental Breakfast

8:00am Pooling, Joint Operating Agreement- Monty Barnhill, CPL

12:00pm Lunch (On your own)

1:00pm JOA (continued), Well Trades

3:00pm Negotiations

5:00pm Adjourn

Wednesday, Sept. 14th (RPL exam) 
9:00am RPL Exam Begins

11:00am RPL Exam Ends

Thursday, Sept. 15th (CPL Review only)  

7:30am Continental Breakfast

8:00am Federal Onshore – Tom Rucker, CPL

10:15am  Environmental

11:15am Offshore
12:00pm Lunch (On your own)

1:00pm Mineral Landwork

2:00pm Tax and GIS

3:00pm Adjourn

Friday, Sept. 16th (CPL exam & optional RPL Exam)

7:30am CPL Exam Book 1 Begins RPL Exam Begins

9:30am RPL Exam Ends

11:00am CPL Exam Book 1 Ends

11:30am CPL Exam Book 2 Begins

3:00pm CPL Exam Book 2 Ends

ACCREDITATION: This class is accredited by AAPL for 19 CPL/RPL/RL credits, including one ethics. 


REGISTER:  https://personify.landman.org/PersonifyEbusiness/Events/AAPLEventsCalendar/MeetingDetails.aspx?productId=1280917

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