Landman’s Balancing Act to Build Success in the Field

Landman’s Balancing Act to Build Success in the Field

By Michele Day, Totaland-Land Acquisition Software

depositphotos_13400080_originalThe landman is a master at balancing many details from oil, gas, minerals, mapping, law, and geology just to name a few, in addition to wearing numerous hats as a researcher, negotiator, manager, record keeper… the list goes on. Maintaining balance within the details of a landman’s job gives the edge to be top-notch in the field. Taking time to personally access the various areas of your job can help to determine where your strengths lie and which areas require additional work and education. For example, some landmen are experts at gathering meticulous records in the courthouse while others have the business skills to negotiate leasing.  Regularly analyzing your areas of weaknesses and strengths will put you ahead of the game. Statistics show that a 30% increase in productivity at work can represent a 100% increase in your own personal happiness, health, and welfare.

Try this simple exercise to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a landman. Take a piece of paper and list your day-to-day job duties. Then beside each one write “strengths” or “weakness”. You may want to ask colleagues, friends, and family to evaluate your strengths as well to get a better understanding on how you can improve.  After determining your weaknesses, find resources to improve in these areas. For example if negotiating is a weak area, talk to seasoned landmen that are known to get the “deal”. Ask them how they became strong negotiators. Find a mentor that can help guide you to a higher level.

Dale Carnegie stresses that it is important to surround yourself with people who complement you. Great leaders know what their weaknesses are and find people who can help overcome their shortcomings. Landmen can find other respected landmen to mentor them on areas of weaknesses. Look for mentors at local landmen associations and the AAPL.

tightrope-with-handsIt is also important to know your strengths. Focusing on what you are good at, will give you a boost and propel you to the next level. According to Dale Carnegie, it is important to know your strengths — We each have strengths and weaknesses. That being said, you will find that it is important to spend time working on your strengths. By focusing on your strengths, you will find that you can rise to the expert level sooner. Bottom line: Know what you are good at and keep at it.

Knowledge is a key component to the balancing act of any landman. Landmen lead in their field by constantly learning. In order to work toward being the best, landmen can remain students by gaining wisdom from others who have been in the field longer and by applying those skills. Remember, applied knowledge is power!

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