ND Statutory JOA Webinar Mar 29th @ 11:30CDT

ND Statutory JOA Webinar Mar 29th @ 11:30CDT

TITLE: North Dakota’s “Statutory JOA”
SYNOPSIS: When asked why a joint operating agreement does not exist between many North Dakota oil and gas operators and non-operators, a common response is that the same is unnecessary, due to North Dakota’s “statutory JOA.” However, the operation of bare North Dakota statutory and case law on the relationship between operators and non-operators may often have surprising results, and in most cases, does not even remotely resemble the association between operators and non-operators which arises under a joint operating agreement. Accordingly, this presentation is designed to compare and contrast the potential results encountered in situations involving operator liability, operator standard of care, recovery of costs from non-operators, etc. when analyzed under bare North Dakota law, rather than under the contractual mandates of a joint operating agreement.

This presentation is worth:
1- CDOA core point
1- CPLTA core point

*Note that for AAPL points – You will need to obtain from AAPL directly following the webinar

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