Landman 2.0 Series: The Exit: Cashing Out (webinar available)

Landman 2.0 Series: The Exit: Cashing Out (webinar available)

Location: AAPL
800 Fournier St Fort Worth, TX 76102-3597
Date: June 2, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Credits: 4.00 CEU
Speaker: Randolph L Marsh

Seminar Summary
So, you’ve arranged the capital, you’ve chosen the right structure, and you’ve acquired and drilled the acreage, or more likely acquired existing acreage and upgraded it, you’ve navigated the operator and non-operator (and everyone else) relationships, and avoided or successfully navigated workouts and workovers, and you’ve emerged on the other side with a valuable property with an opportunity to cash out.  What now?  We will examine the elements of a positive exit and how to successfully move on to the next deal, and minimize your “tail risk” attached to past deals.  We will look at the tax ramifications of most of the standard transaction structures, including 1031 Exchange, and why they are chosen and how they interrelate to the choices made at the outset of the cycle.  Finally, we will also look at asset protection, wealth planning and estate planning for the successful oil and gas entrepreneur, and how to keep what you’ve earned once you’ve got it.

Series Summary
The Landman 2.0 Series is going to be a six session series put on by Attorneys from Beckmen Law PC. The sessions will be held at AAPL Headquarters: 800 Fournier Street Fort Worth, TX 76102 from 10am-3pm. Four continuing education credits will be given every session. There will be a webinar and a live option and a discount will be given if you register for the whole series.

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