PETROBRAS: We have announced assets for divestment in onshore fields

PETROBRAS:  We have announced assets for divestment in onshore fields

We have commenced the teaser stage for the assignment of all exploration, development, and production rights in five sets of onshore fields (totaling 19 concessions) in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, and Sergipe, as per the table below.

State Poles Concessions
Ceará Fazenda Belém Pole

2 concessions

Fazenda Belém and Icapuí
Rio Grande do Norte Macau Pole

(7 concessions)

Aratum, Lagoa do Aroeira, Macau, Porto Carão, Salina Cristal, Sanhaçu, and Serra



Sergipe Terra 1 Pole

(6 concessions)

Arauri, Angelim, Aguilhada, Atalaia Sul, Brejo Grande, and Ilha Pequena
Sergipe Terra 2 Pole

(3 concessions)

Castanhal, Mato Grosso and Sirizinho
Sergipe Terra 3 Pole

(1 concession)


In 2016, our share of the average oil and natural gas production in these fields was 17,400 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

We are the operator of all concessions, with 100 percent of the stakes, except for the Sanhaçu field, of which we are the operator and hold half of the stakes, while Petrogal the other half.

The teasers, which feature the main information on each of the opportunities, as well as the objective criteria for the selection of potential participants, are available on the Petrobras website.

In addition to the teaser, the subsequent main steps of each of the five poles will be disclosed, as follows:

· Beginning of the non-binding stage (when applicable);

· Beginning of the binding stage;

· Granting of exclusivity for negotiation (when applicable);

· Approval of the transaction by the senior management (Executive Board and Board of Directors) and signature of the contracts;

· Closing of the transaction.


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