Obituary – Cathaleen D. Pettigrew

Obituary - Cathaleen D. Pettigrew

Cathaleen D. Pettigrew, age 64, of The Woodlands, Texas, passed away on November 03, 2017. She was born in Aberdeen, WA in 1953. Her Parents were Hugo Petrini and Darlene Petrini.

In 1972, Cathaleen was a young woman in Anchorage Alaska. At that time something big was going on, The Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  One day Cathaleen was standing outside of the ARCO building in Anchorage, Alaska and thought to herself that she would really like to be a part of the Oil and Gas Industry that had moved into Anchorage.  As she stood there she got a feeling that she would get there one day.  But it never happened in Alaska.  After working with the Superior Court of the State of Alaska Probate Division and two years as a right-of-way agent for the City of Anchorage she met her husband, Robert Pettigrew who was in the U.S. Air-Force and they moved to North Dakota.  There she began work as an Abstractor. When her husband was honorably discharged from the Air Force they moved to Houston, TX, the city of Big Oil, within 6 months she had a new job at Crown Central Petroleum as a Division Order Analyst. It seems as though her dream of working in the Oil and Gas Industry had come true.

After many years of loyal service to companies such as Mitchell Energy, Union Texas Petroleum, and Exxon Company USA, Cathaleen had built a reputation and knowledge as a Land Professional. In 1994 she left Exxon Company USA with the idea to provide an outsourcing alternative to small independent exploration companies.  While researching the software available to perform land administration, she met Mr. Luigi Ballatori, the owner of LandPro Corp.  She purchased LandPro Six and began an alliance with Luigi to be on his development team and use the software to manage oil and gas leases for small companies.  Between the years 1994 and 2000, Cathaleen continued to develop Visual LandPro, teaching the program and supporting clients, as well as run her own business, performing land administration functions for small companies.  After 34 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, she started Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services.

Cathaleen was a member of the National Association of Lease and Title Analyst, Association of Lease and Title Analyst, Houston Association of Division Order Analyst and National Association of Royalty Owners.

She is survived by her sons Chris Pettigrew and Anthony Wilson and their wives, 4 grandchildren and numerous other relatives.

Memorial services will be held November 17th at 4 PM at the Addison Funeral Home, 18630 Kuykendahl Rd., Spring, TX 77379.

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