Submission Guidelines

LandLine News is happy to accept any news that would be of interest to a Land Professional in the Energy Industry.  Most submissions will pertain to Oil & Gas, but Coal, Solar, Hydro, Wind, Geothermal, and other upstream and midstream sectors are welcomed and encouraged.

Submissions accepted for LandLine News can be distributed various ways, including on this website, via the newsletter, and through social media channels, including the LandLine News LinkedIn group, the LandLine News Google+ Page, the LandLine News Facebook group, and the LandLine News Twitter feed.  Once posted websites and internet services not operated by anyone associated with LandLine News in an administrative capacity may also “pick-up” news items and distribute them as they choose.

Submissions will be reviewed prior to posting.  This is primarily to prevent irrelevant topics and hate speech from being promoted in any way.  If your news item has been rejected you may inquire for details as to why and with revisions it may be approved.  The review process is not instantaneous, please allow up to three business days for your news to be reviewed and either approved or rejected.  Once approved your news item will be distributed at the next regular distribution cycle, which can vary from method to method.  If after approval and distribution your news items is met with opposition from the community, it may be removed.

To submit a news item email
When you submit a news item:
1.  The subject of your email will be used as the title of your news item.
2.  The first sentence or two will be used as the tagline for your news item.
3.  Pictures are welcome, but if several are included some may be removed prior to posting.  One picture will be chosen as the “Featured Image” which may be shown with excerpts of your news item.
Either have your news item as the body of your email with pictures attached or attached in a Microsoft Word® or Open Office compatible format with pictures embedded.  If you have a preference for the Featured Image please label it “Featured” and attach it to the email.  Anything in the body of the email will be considered part of the news item submission, including any signature block – which you may want included, but please be mindful.

Do not include:
Personally identifiable Information (such as a private address or social security number)
Foul Language
Hateful Remarks
Political Agendas

LandLine News is not responsible for the content of items posted and/or distributed, nor any responses to them.  Submissions are filtered and comments on social media posts may be moderated, but the administrators of LandLine News are volunteers from Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services who have chosen to dedicate time to promoting knowledge and supporting information sharing among peers so that all land professionals can be aware of current relevant energy industry happenings.  Your support by reading posts on, subscribing to the newsletter, and joining us on social sites is greatly appreciated, as is informing us of anything you feel does not belong on LandLine News.