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Obituary - Cathaleen D. Pettigrew

Cathaleen D. Pettigrew, age 64, of The Woodlands, Texas, passed away on November 03, 2017. She was born in Aberdeen, WA in 1953. Her Parents were Hugo Petrini and Darlene Petrini. In 1972, Cathaleen was a young woman in Anchorage Alaska. At that time something big was going on, The Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  One day Cathaleen was standing outside of the ARCO building in Anchorage, Alaska and thought to herself that


In keeping with the Administration’s goals of promoting America’s energy dominance, seven Bureau of Land Management state offices generated $170.7 million in bonus bids during their quarterly oil and gas lease sales. Among these sales, rights to a total of 218 parcels, covering 134,834.71 acres were sold. “Oil and gas lease sales on federal land directly support domestic energy production and President Trump’s energy dominance goals for America,” said U.S.

PENNSYLVANIAHOUSE House Bill 1708 (2017)

Amending the act of July 20, 1979 (P.L.183, No.60), entitled “An act regulating the terms and conditions of certain leases regarding natural gas and oil,” further providing for definitions and for royalty guaranteed; and providing for written summary of unconventional gas well deductions and for inspection of records for unconventional gas wells. READ MORE:

iLandMan and TGS Integrate Land and Well Data Systems

Lafayette, LA – August 14, 2017 – Oil and gas software firm iLandMan is now offering nationwide well data and status information thanks to a new integration with geoscience data company TGS. This state of the art technology relationship provides iLandMan’s E&P clients with streamlined access to well information and status data directly from TGS’s database. These integrated well features now activate automatic notifications and lease functionality in iLandMan. iLandMan

California - AB-1472 Public lands: assignments and transfers: oil, gas, and mineral leases.

SECTION 1. Section 6804 of the Public Resources Code is amended to read:   6804. (a)  A lease or permit issued under this chapter may be assigned, transferred transferred,  or sublet as to all or any part of the leased or permitted lands, and as to either a divided or undivided interest therein, or as to any separate and distinct zone or geological horizon or portion thereof, subject to approval by the commission,

Episode 67 - Kyle Souza with LandLine News

On today’s episode, Kyle Souza, with LandLine News, visits The Global Energy Leaders Podcast to discuss the upstream sector of oil and gas. Guest: Kyle has been on the tech side of upstream oil and gas for the last eleven years, focusing mostly on databases and mapping for land departments.  An enthusiastic problem solver with a FOSS mentality he and the team at P&P Land Services started LandLine News as a “no


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Devon Energy Announces $1 Billion Divestiture Plan

Devon Energy Corp. (NYSE: DVN) announced today its intent to divest approximately $1 billion of upstream assets across its portfolio. The non-core assets identified for monetization include select portions of the Barnett Shale focused primarily around Johnson County and other properties located principally within the company’s U.S. resource base. Devon expects to commence the divestiture program in the second quarter of 2017 and complete the sale process over the next

Pennsylvania House Bill 557 - Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act

An Act amending the act of July 20, 1979 (P.L.183, No.60), known as the Oil and Gas Lease Act, further providing for definitions; and providing for minimum royalty for unconventional oil or gas well production and for remedy for failure to pay the minimum royalty on unconventional oil or gas wells. Read More:

Kentucky HB539, 17RS - AN ACT relating to notaries public.

Create new sections of KRS Chapter 423 to define various terms; limit the applicability to notarial acts performed on or after the effective date of this Act; allow a notarial officer to perform a notarial act in Kentucky; outline requirements for certain notarial acts; require a personal appearance before a notarial officer; specify the requirements of identifying an individual before a notarial officer; allow a notarial officer to refuse to