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In keeping with the Administration’s goal of promoting America’s energy independence, the Bureau of Land Management Wyoming quarterly oil and gas lease sale resulted in competitive bids for 152 of the 170 parcels offered at the sale. The combined bids from the sale brought in $19.87 million, which will be distributed between the Federal government and the State of Wyoming. The BLM offered parcels in Campbell, Converse, Crook, Fremont, Goshen,

Oklahoma - HOUSE BILL 2775

An Act relating to oil and gas; amending 52 O.S. 2011, Section 570.10, which relates to payment of proceeds from sale of oil and gas production; establishing liability for withholding certain royalty payments; removing annual requirement of compounding certain interest; adding persons who may require holder of certain funds to interplead certain funds into court; removing certain interest sums from being subject to certain court proceedings; instructing operator to deem

Oklahoma - SENATE BILL NO. 1143

An Act relating to oil and gas; amending 52 O.S. 2011, Section 570.10, which relates to payment of proceeds from sale of oil and gas production; prohibiting nonpayment of certain interest on proceeds; modifying the interest rate on certain proceeds; modifying timeline certain proceeds earn interest; authorizing certain persons to initiate legal action in certain circumstances; and providing an effective date. SOURCE:

Colorado - HB18-1289: Exempt Local Government School Districts Forced Pooling

Concerning an exemption from forced pooling of certain governmental entities that own mineral rights. SESSION:  2018 Regular Session SUBJECTS:  Energy Natural Resources & Environment Current law authorizes ‘forced’ or ‘statutory’ pooling, a process by which any interested person–typically an oil and gas operator–may apply to the Colorado oil and gas conservation commission for an order to pool and develop oil and gas resources located within a particularly identified drilling unit

Louisiana - HB444 MINERALS/RIGHTS-ROYALTY: Defines mineral production payments

Abstract: Defines mineral production payment. Present law requires that if the owner of a mineral production payment or royalty owner other than a mineral lessor seeks relief for the failure of a mineral lessee to make timely or proper payment of royalties or production payments, he must give written notice prior to a judicial demand for damages. Proposed law defines mineral production payment as an obligation owed to the purchaser

Utah - H.B. 419 Oil and Gas Amendments

1      OIL AND GAS AMENDMENTS 2      2018 GENERAL SESSION 3      STATE OF UTAH 4      Chief Sponsor: Stephen G. Handy 5      Senate Sponsor: Kevin T. Van Tassell 6      7     LONG TITLE 8     General Description: 9          This bill modifies provisions relating to the pooling of oil and gas interests. 10     Highlighted Provisions: 11          This bill: 12          ▸     authorizes the Board of Oil, Gas, and Mining to make a pooling order retroactive 13     under certain circumstances; 14          ▸     allows existing pooling orders to apply

Obituary - Cathaleen D. Pettigrew

Cathaleen D. Pettigrew, age 64, of The Woodlands, Texas, passed away on November 03, 2017. She was born in Aberdeen, WA in 1953. Her Parents were Hugo Petrini and Darlene Petrini. In 1972, Cathaleen was a young woman in Anchorage Alaska. At that time something big was going on, The Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  One day Cathaleen was standing outside of the ARCO building in Anchorage, Alaska and thought to herself that


In keeping with the Administration’s goals of promoting America’s energy dominance, seven Bureau of Land Management state offices generated $170.7 million in bonus bids during their quarterly oil and gas lease sales. Among these sales, rights to a total of 218 parcels, covering 134,834.71 acres were sold. “Oil and gas lease sales on federal land directly support domestic energy production and President Trump’s energy dominance goals for America,” said U.S.

iLandMan and TGS Integrate Land and Well Data Systems

Lafayette, LA – August 14, 2017 – Oil and gas software firm iLandMan is now offering nationwide well data and status information thanks to a new integration with geoscience data company TGS. This state of the art technology relationship provides iLandMan’s E&P clients with streamlined access to well information and status data directly from TGS’s database. These integrated well features now activate automatic notifications and lease functionality in iLandMan. iLandMan

California - AB-1472 Public lands: assignments and transfers: oil, gas, and mineral leases.

SECTION 1. Section 6804 of the Public Resources Code is amended to read:   6804. (a)  A lease or permit issued under this chapter may be assigned, transferred transferred,  or sublet as to all or any part of the leased or permitted lands, and as to either a divided or undivided interest therein, or as to any separate and distinct zone or geological horizon or portion thereof, subject to approval by the commission,