Are You Ready?


Emergency Preparedness | Est. Length: 30 mins

The series of videos included in this course is designed to help you prepare for disasters. The videos can be used by themselves or as part of a workplace training program.


There are 3 videos included:

1- “Are You Ready?” – designed to help residents of the Houston region prepare for disasters. The video lasts about 16 minutes

2- Make the Call is a terrorism awareness program. Video lasts about 7 minutes

3- The “Run. Hide. Fight.®” videos provide the information you need to survive an active shooter event. Video lasts about 7 minutes

It also includes 2 downloadable reference materials:

1- Disaster Preparedness Guide

2- Emergency Supply List

This course was produced by and for the city of Houston, but its principles extend beyond the region. In fact, this course can and should be taken by anyone around the world that wishes to be more prepared for a disaster.


Your Instructor

City of Houston

City of Houston

This is a project of the Houston UASI Community Preparedness Committee, and is produced by the City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

The Houston Region is the kind of place where big ideas typically become larger-than-life realities. Throw any challenge our way and we meet it head on. But are we really ready for anything?

No one likes to think about disasters, but they happen here just like in every other part of the world. The question is: are you prepared to survive them?

The material we provide free of charge, is designed to provide quick access to local and national information on disaster preparedness. The Ready Houston program has produced videos on a variety of topics related to emergency preparedness. Local agencies provide training that helps citizens prepare.

Your City or County Office of Emergency Management is your source of emergency preparedness and response information. Their staff are responsible for disaster preparation, response, and recovery. Some cities do not have emergency management websites or alert systems, in which case you should search for your county.


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