English for Oil and Gas Professionals


English for Oil and Gas Professionals

With sub-contract workers traveling around the world, mobilizing on projects for construction, E&P, logistics, distribution and a broad range of downstream activities, a need has arisen to ensure, in the interests of optimum organisational capability that an operational knowledge of spoken English is the common language on many oil and gas assets. Not only does it ensure successful compliance as part of stake-holders’ health and safety milestones, it smooths the communication channels on-site where multiple nationalities operate.

The course comes in easily digestible units ranging from 30 to 55 minutes in length. Units are sold in blocks of 10 along with key vocabulary supplements, work-sheets and homework tasks. Courses are pitched at fresh beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate levels.


Basic A1/A2 | Est. Length: 20 hrs

The principle objectives of Tangent’s course for Oil and Gas Workers are to ensure understandable, coherent and communicative English is spoken on site. To develop the confidence in fluency and pronunciation that enables workers to contribute in meetings and sha re essential information appropriate to the operational standards required for proper compliance.

The Fundamentals of English course is designed solely to improve spoken communication abilities in English. Emphasis is placed on speaking in typical work-place situations: giving data, numbers, dates, amounts; identifying problems; using simple verbs to give instructions; suggesting solutions and offering and requesting help. Additionally, workers are exposed to the meta-language related to workplace incidents and accidents as well as root-cause analysis, lessons-learned and corrective action.

The course can be taken online and transmitted via tablet, phone or PC. It is designed for workers to learn in their spare time, off rotation or upon mobilising to a given location. The course is conceived, devised and written by oil and gas professionals with significant English Language Training qualifications and experience.

Tangent identifies mobile on-site workers as the principle beneficiaries of this type of course. These could be construction teams mobilised from other countries, specialist contractors for specific projects; longer-term workers from non-English speaking backgrounds as well as locally trained staff who must use English as the common lingua franca on site.

Est. Length:

20 hrs of video and exercise files


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