Introduction to Midstream – Introduction to Midstream


The oil and gas midstream industry is a tightly knit community. Gaining access to it requires knowing the lingo and being able to communicate intelligently. This course starts students on that road. This course provides students with a concise overview of the oil and gas midstream industry.

We will start by discussing the oil and gas properties, and then we will move on to cover the fundamentals of pipelines, terminals and transportation. More specifically:

  • Types of Pipelines
  • Pipeline Value Chain
  • Industry Dimensions
  • Crude Oil Gathering and Mainlines
  • Pipelines and Terminals
  • Natural Gas Gathering
  • Other Transportation Modes

By the end of this course students will have an understanding of oil and gas value chain and the role of midstream in that value chain.




This course is geared towards those who are new to the oil and gas industry or those who work with or provide equipment, materials, or services to the oil and gas industry and want to understand it better.

Pre-requisite: none


1:30 hr video lectures

30 mins quiz


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