Media Training for Oil and Gas


Be prepared before the crisis | Est. Length: 3hrs

Media Training for Oil and Gas

“A must for any Oil and Gas Executive and those who advice leadership on communication”

This course is for oil and gas executives and leadership team who may have to face the media during a crisis. You will learn exactly how to look comfortable, prepare messages, answer questions and speak in sound bites. You will learn how to avoid disastrous sound bites and off message quotes that have cost other energy companies billions of dollars in market cap in the past. You will be prepared to face the media in the future if and when you suffer a crisis.

TJ Walker has conducted media training and crisis communications training workshops for oil and gas executives from the Middle East to Texas to around the world. He will give you real world examples on exactly what to do and not do during a crisis.

If a disaster hits your refinery, tanker, or well, the whole world is going to see it. The media will come calling. You must have good answers to fair questions. “No comment” will be interpreted as guilt of negligence and environmental law breaking. And bad answers will generate headlines around the world, especially if you claim that you “want your life back!”

You can’t control all events surrounding a crisis and you can’t control the media’s questions, but you CAN control your message, your answers and your sound bites. If you are an energy executive, you owe it to yourself, your career and your company’s brand to sign up today for the Crisis Communications Training for Oil and Gas Course


What’s in the Course?

  1. Over 46 lectures
  2. Maintaining your reputation during a crisis
  3. Looking confident and comfortable during a news conference
  4. Framing crisis messages
  5. Answering tough questions from reporters
  6. Speaking in sound bites
  7. Rehearsing for crisis communications events
  8. Developing a crisis management plan

Course Requirements:

  1. video recorder on cell phone, tablet or computer

Who Should Attend?

  1. Oil executives
  2. Gas executives
  3. Energy executives
  4. Crisis Managers
  5. Public Relations Executives
  6. CFOs
  7. CMOs
  8. Communications Staff

Estimated Time: 3 hrs

2:30 Video material

00:30 Practical training – Crisis Drill


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