O&G Lease Elements – Basic provisions of an oil and gas lease


This course on basic provisions of an oil and gas lease will provide an analysis of each of the basic terms included in most U.S. oil and gas leases including:

  • Granting,
  • Savings,
  • Mother Hubbard,
  • Habendum,
  • Royalty,
  • Delay-rental,
  • Force majeure and other clauses.

The analysis includes examination of typical lease language through a sample lease complete with helpful annotations. In addition, examples of the application and impact of each clause is provided through real life examples gleaned from my many years of experience in the industry.

Who should take this course:

Whether negotiating the oil and gas lease or reviewing its terms after the fact, this course is a MUST for every land professional but specifically for landmen, lease and title analysts and division order analysts. This course is also a MUST for any mineral owner seeking to protect their rights during the negotiation process by making sense of the legalese in the lease agreement or to understand the lease terms in an older lease.



Course objective:

Once you successfully complete the course, you will have a solid foundation for understanding the oil and gas lease in its entirety with specific emphasis on the lease terms and their impact during the exploration and production process. You will also have a working understanding of each and every oil and gas lease term so that you can effectively analyze and/or negotiate an oil and gas lease.

Course length:

1 hr video lectures

Your Instructor

Alyce Hoge

Alyce Hoge

Alyce Boudreaux Hoge is an attorney, a Certified Division Order Analyst and a Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst. She was admitted to the State Bars of Texas and Louisiana and has over 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry. Alyce received her Bachelor of Arts in History at Centenary College of Louisiana. She received her Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University Law School.

Alyce is a popular and dynamic speaker. She often speaks at national conferences to standing room only audiences. With her legal background and signature Cajun humor, Alyce is fond of saying she gives “Legal Advice with Cajun Spice.” Come see why many consider her training to be the BEST in the industry!


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