Origin of Non-Hydrocarbon Gases in Petroleum Reservoirs Origin of Problematic Non-Hydrocarbon Gases


This course provides a primer on the origin of problematic non-hydrocarbon gases in petroleum reservoirs, specifically hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Emphasis is on using integrated petroleum geochemical and geological techniques, especially stable isotopes, noble gases, and petrology to characterize and interpret the generation and accumulation of H2S, CO2, and N2 within a petroleum systems context. The presentation provides both the necessary theoretical background needed to understand the material and specific case studies that illustrate how geoscientists and engineers can determine the origin of non-hydrocarbon gases in conventional and unconventional plays.

The course includes material for one full day of independent study.



Estimated Time:

1 hr video lectures

30 mins of quiz

1 hr reading material


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