How to Troubleshoot PLCs – Essential Training


“Hands On PLC Troubleshooting” using the Allen Bradley SLC 500 (DH485) Emulator | Est. Length: 4 hrs


This is a “Hands On PLC Troubleshooting” course using the Allen Bradley SLC 500 (DH485) Emulator. The goal of the course is twofold:

#1:To provide “Hands On Training” that is affordable.

#2:To create confidence and success in troubleshooting PLCs.

The course is divided into 2 parts:

Part I will cover the 6 essentials for troubleshooting which are:

  • Understanding the difference between Relay logic and Ladder Logix
  • Understanding the functionality of I/O Modules
  • Understand the -XIO instructions.
  • Understand the -XIC instructions.
  • Understand the -OTE instructions.
  • Think like a processor

In Part II of this course, you will experience “hands on” learning using the Allen Bradley 500 Emulator and will learn…

  • How to configure a RS232 Driver
  • How to Commission a new processor
  • How to Save – download and go line
  • How to Write programs that enhances your understanding of how a processor thinks
  • How to apply powerful tips for troubleshooting that will place you ahead of the curve.

Whether you are new to the world of PLCs or just want to sharpen your troubleshooting skills, then this course is for you!

Estimated Time:

2:40 video material

1:20 practical exercises

ISBN 978-0-9960213-9-5


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